Trump Guarantees “Win” with Endorsement of Ryan

Aug. 8, 2016

Donald Trump talks a lot about winning.  And tonight, he showed exactly why and how he wins better than any candidate we’ve seen in our lifetime.

At a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the Republican nominee endorsed Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI), who is running in a primary challenge with newcomer Paul Nehlen (R-WI).

The Friday night endorsement also included Arizona Senator John McCain (R) and New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte (R).

This comes on the heels of a recent squabble between Ryan and Trump – a row that started early in the GOP presidential primary campaign of 2015 and hasn’t died down since.

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There will likely be many on the Trump-Train that are wondering how and why he would “concede” and endorse a thorny nemesis like Ryan.

But that would be a false narrative.

The reason Trump made his endorsement is because it sets him up to be the big winner on Tuesday night, while all the other contestants will either be a winner or a loser.

You see, Trump has two results on Tuesday, and either one gives him the public victory.

(1)   Paul Ryan wins (maybe even in a big rout) and since Trump endorsed him, Trump is also a big winner on Tuesday night.

(2)   And if Nehlen beats Ryan, it’s an even bigger Trump win.  Ryan is gone, and it’s his anti-Trump rhetoric and combativeness with the GOP nominee that did him in.  Nehlen wins on Trump’s policies.  Trump wins.

Now look at the other players.

Nehlen has two options:  Win or lose.  But his win is a mighty big win, while a loss is only minor.  In fact, if he just places well, he still gets points and some spotlight towards a possible political future.

Ryan has two options:  Win or lose.  But Ryan is in the biggest spider-web of the three.  If he wins, it was expected, it was needed (for him) as he is the sitting Speaker of the US House of Representatives.  If he loses, it would represent one of the biggest personal failures in the history of US elections.

For all the folks were worried about Trump selling out to globalist politicians, don’t fret.  This was brilliant marketing and persuasion tactics here tonight.

The Art of the Deal on display.

He just guaranteed himself a big Tuesday night victory.


10 thoughts on “Trump Guarantees “Win” with Endorsement of Ryan

  1. Well written and very persuasive. Trump knows how to play these things. He is setting himself up for the W in November vs the Evil Witch. Most disappointed in Scott Walker. He seems to just not “get it” on immigration and islamic immigration issues.


    1. Are you aware that Scott Walker refused to attend the Wisconsin rally? Not just Walker, but every single republican down the ticket refused to show up.
      Cruz won Wisconsin in the primary.
      Without strong party unity in a blue state, Trump would lose there. It’s more important to the election than pride.
      Just look at the disunity Cruz has caused because he didn’t come out for Trump.
      Bottom line- we must win!


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